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Testimony of Catherine Correya

My name is Catherine Correya. I was born and raised in a catholic family, but my understanding and knowledge about God and my religion was nil. As a child, I herd about Jesus but did not believe in Him. Jesus remained a fairy tale to me and I grew up with this attitude. I certainly did not need Jesus, I did not want him any where near or around me and I intended it to stay that way.

I got married and settled down. My husband would often ask me to pray and read the bible, but sin had already made its way into my life and my life was closed to anything spiritual. Life continued and by then I had pushed Jesus out completely for I had chosen to walk through the door of sin and temptation. I indulged in occult practices (calling on evil spirits through the Ouija board) and before I knew it, I was hooked on to it.

At that time things started to go wrong in my life. I became restless, insecure, miserable and totally hopeless. My world was falling apart right before my eyes and I could do nothing about it. There were those moments of despair, anger, pain and suffering and I knew something was going wrong in my life. I knew I needed help, But at that point of time I did not know that Jesus was the answer. As things turned from bad to worse, the only solution for me was to end my life, but God had a special plan for me. He intervened. I met a lady I had never seen before. She told me that God had sent her to speak to me and to tell me what he had done for her. She asked me to meet a brother who would pray for me and help me. I went to meet him because I was desperate and not because I wanted Jesus. As this brother prayed for me, I found myself move in circles, my tongue was rolled up and I was not in control any more. I was shocked, scared and terrified because I knew that there was something within me that had taken control of my life. Fear gripped me as this realization hit me. I can never express the agony and torment I went through. These unknown forces of darkness possessed me and I knew then that only God s divine intervention could save me.

For the first time in my life, I went down on my knees, I lifted my hands and desperately cried out to God, help me, please help me Lord! God herd my cry and he reached out to me. I felt this force move through my whole body right from my toes all the way up to my head and then out of me. I cried and as I continued to cry I experienced for the first time God s immense and unconditional love. The void that was there in my heart all my life was filled with his love and I knew there was no turning back. It was going to be with Jesus all the way. There have been many ups and downs and hurdles along the way, but Jesus has always been there and whenever the going gets really tough he s the one who picks us up.

Catherine Correya